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How I can buy a CANVAS 15 ?

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  • How I can buy a CANVAS 15 ?

    I have an old CANVAS X that I bought in 2007, to work on my Windows XP computer.
    Since 2 months I changed my computer, for a new with Win10. So now, my old CANVAS X doesn't work !

    I suceed to have a trial for30 days with CANVAS 15 (here :
    It is perfect for me and I don't need to have a canvas 17 (to $599). Nevertheless, it seems to be impossible to buy canvas 15, and in spite of on this page you can buy it to $99.

    Please, can you give an help ?

    By advance I thank you very much

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    Unfortunately, the answer to your question is very likely that you cannot. Canvas 15 was replaced over two years ago, so it is no longer supported by ACD Systems. Also, as most software is now available only by download, you are unlikely to “find” a legitimate copy; Canvas 12 was available on DVD, but at some point after that ACD ceased physical copies. As you have Windows 10, the earliest version of Canvas supported in Windows 10 was Canvas X 16 and that is no longer sold through the Website. In fact, the link you provided just goes to the Canvas X 17 overview page.

    If there is any way for you to get an earlier version of Canvas, you will need to contact ACD Sales to do so.


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      Thank you mdawson96 for your message, but desesperatly it don't fix my problem.
      ACD Sales don't want to sell me a CANVAS 15.
      So, I'm obliged to look at the Crack serial numers web sites, so that to find an answer to my problem.
      Of course, I would like better find a solution by paying (a smaller amount as Canvas17), but Canvas Sales refuse my proposal.

      See you soon


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        Your situation is unfortunate, but you are faced with the reality of what happens when you lag too far behind with keeping software current. Most companies will provide upgrade pricing if you are a few versions behind, but Canvas X is 12 years and seven versions behind the current Windows release. I, too, was in the same situation as you having Canvas X on an old PowerMac G5 until recently. I could not afford to replace my computer for several years and that was compounded by the fact that I would not be able to use any of my old software because I had purchased my G5 just before Apple’s Intel transition. Just to pour salt in the wound, despite Apple offering developers a path to transition their products from PowerPC to Intel using Universal Binaries, just as they offered Carbon for transitioning from the Classic Mac OS to OS X, ACD simply chose to end Mac support.

        ACD has recently restarted their Mac development of Canvas and released Canvas Draw for the Mac since released Canvas Draw for the Mac some time in 2015. I recently had to replace my PowerMac G5 and was lucky enough to come across a sale to get two Canvas Draw licenses for $119; Canvas Draw retails for $199, as it is not yet as feature rich as the Windows version having been redeveloped from the ground up.

        At work, I had Canvas X 16, and was recently able to upgrade to Canvas X 17 for $99, but I never saw that offer on the Website; I was e-mailed directly by ACD. But again, that price was an offer to people with recent versions of Canvas for Windows. As you are so far behind, you do not qualify for upgrade pricing and this would be true of any software that you permit to lag. As you have already found that Canvas X does not work in Windows 10, you are unfortunately not left with any option but to either pay full price for Canvas X 17 as a one-time purchase or pay the annual subscription fee. I for one abhor software by subscription, but in your case, it may be worth it as the subscription rate is less than half of the full purchase price and 80% of the upgrade price. In the interim year you can try save money to pay for a non-subscription license, as in the long-run renting software is only beneficial to those that are inclined to upgrade every time a new version is released.