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Moving text with arrow keys changes font size

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  • Moving text with arrow keys changes font size

    I'm current running Canvas 16 because I've upgraded twice now in hope that the program would once again be stable, like when Deneba had it.

    I've been using Canvas since version 3 and for many years, I've been able to enter text and then micro-adjust it's position with the arrow keys.
    Just recently, dong that changes not only moves the text box but it also changes the size of the text.

    Is this some sort of obscene plot by Acdsee to drive us all crazy or is it just something wrong on by computer?
    Is anyone else having this nightmare?

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    I can only test with Canvas X 17. Arrow simply nudge text. No change in size. I don't recall having this problem in any version. I think it is an anomaly specific to your computer. Suggest you uninstall/reinstall.


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      I have often done pixel-level nudging in numerous versions of Canvas on both Mac and Windows without issue. It may be an issue with your computer. Has this always been an issue for you in Canvas X 16, or did it start recently?


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        Moving text with the arrow keys work fine for me. I tried it in the 3 versions I have on my computer, 9, 16, and 17.


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          If you have the cursor in the fontsize box (with the fontsize highlighted in blue) and use the arrows on the keyboard, it will not move the selected text object but change text size up or down. So dont click on the Font size number to write in the number, but use the drop-down menu to the right of the shown size to change it, or be sure to click on the text object again so that IT moves instead of changing font size.