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  • Convert Text to Curves

    Hi, I'm having trouble converting a text letter 'R' to curves so I can resize, shape it, then align new text to the outline of the letter. Just wondering if someone could help me with this process. Thanks.

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    It's not clear to me from your post what part of the process is troubling you. Basically it should go like this.
    1. Create a text object.
    2. Select the text object.
    3. Click on Path in the Menu Bar, and select Convert to Paths. You will see the bounding box for the text object shrink.
    4. Your text object will be converted to curves. If there were more than one character in your text object the result would be a group of character images. Choose Ungroup to get individual character images.You can then select the character of interest to work with.


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      To resize, you can go to the Object menu and choose Scale, then make the appropriate changes.