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  • Suggestion - Scale pages individually

    The following is text I sent to Canvas Support. Perhaps if you need this feature you could let ACD Systems know and maybe it will be implemented.


    I frequently need to draw scaled cross sections for subsequent slope stability analysis.

    I do this by taking a screen image of the cross section and pasting it into Canvas, then scaling the drawing and setting an appropriate origin.

    For any job I might have 4 to 6 cross sections. I cannot include these in a single job document because each page shares the same scale even though they are in fact different.

    This means that at the moment I have to create a separate Canvas document for each cross section.

    My suggestion is to enable each page to be able to have their own scale.

    Thank you."

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    I support this! As a geologist working with seismic sections of maybe 50-300km length and 10-20km depth i also would LOVE to be able to set individual horizontal and vertical scales.
    I use Canvas to digitize geologic sections from seismic for input into other modelling software as ascii txt. data of x and y position. Since my input data is of different x- and y-scales, I ususally set canvas scale to fit with the horizontal scale of the input data. I then have to recalculate the vertical values after exporting from Canvas to account for the scaling factor( x-axis scale/ y-axis scale).
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