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  • Loading does not complete

    As with an earlier post I made on this forum (involving the space and arrow keys not working) this is an occasional problem I have seen when processing through large numbers of images. I will move to the next image to be displayed and it will start loading, but never complete. In the case of the screen shot I have attached to this post I waited for more than a full minute before I actually started timing with a stop watch and stopped after another 2+ minutes. That is, the screen I show in the screen shot remained as it is shown for more than 3 minutes, and the load never completed.

    The app is not hung as I can click on the Next button and go to the next image (after the problem load) and then go back to the previous image (that is, the image that would not fully load) and it will load properly. I have only seen this problem going in the forward direction, never (yet) with the back arrow or Previous button. The images are Olympus raw images, so they are not large and there is no reason for a load to take any excessive amount of time.

    Here is the screen shot.

    Click image for larger version

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    As with the earlier post, if I can determine what steps lead to this condition I will update this thread with that information.