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  • Saving Problem

    When saving a box opens and quotes Saving Image but the problem is a myriad of saving boxes open. The only way I can get out of it is to force quite the program.
    It happens when I use the mouse to click the save option. It does not do it every time but often enough to be frustrating.
    I am using High Sierra OS

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    Hi grcolts,

    Thank you for your report.

    There's an issue where a myriad of saving boxes open in the case where you are in Develop mode, the preference to Auto-save is disabled, and you perform the swipe gesture (i.e. on a Trackpad or Apple Magic Mouse, etc). Due to the nature of this issue, it can occur even if you don't intend to swipe. This issue will be fixed in the next update. In the meantime, the workaround is to enable Auto-save (via Preferences > Develop tab).

    Can you confirm that the issue you are experiencing is the same? If you're experiencing a different issue, could you provide more detail?

    Best regards,


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      David, thank you for your response.
      Yes, the problem you describe is what I am experiencing.
      I have not been using this version as it happens quite often and is very frustrating.
      I will try your work around until a new update is available.
      Thank you very much for pointing that tip on using auto-save.