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  • Autocorrect

    One thing I loved about the windows ACDSee was the ability to load a large number of pix say from archving old faded albums, and then just let ACDSee automatically correc them all.... I can't find this feature in ACDSee for MAC is it buried somewhere? I am missing the simple robustness of the Windows versions...lots of bugs so far...

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    I have a trial of the Windows version running under Parallels and have played around with it a bit trying to see if I would rather use that than the Mac version. I could not find any way to do an autocorrect on multiple images using the Windows version so I wanted to ask how you do what you are talking about in that version. I am not questioning your statement, only saying I do not see how it is done.

    Also it might be a good idea to also add your post to the Features Request section as well as have it under bugs. My guess is that their requirements for the Mac version are fewer than for the Windows version and they may not consider the lack of this functionality to be a "bug" on the Mac as it may not be part of their requirements. When I first moved from Windows to the Mac some years ago the Windows version of ACDSee Pro (version 6) was much more complete than the Mac version (Pro 3) and far more stable, so I gave up on ACDSee on the Mac and only returned when I saw that they had decided to actually fix the Mac version. I am hoping that if people add Feature Requests for the Mac it may, eventually, end up being comparable to the Windows version.