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  • Restting image ratings

    When I process my images my normal sequence is to do the following:

    1) Step through images in the Develop Mode, adjusting those I want to keep and marking them with a 1 or 2 star rating. One star means I will process the images to jpgs (I work with raws) and 2 stars mean I will first have to load them into an external editor for additional processing before I batch them to jpgs.

    2) Move back to Manage Mode and select the one star images. Batch my 1 star images to jpg and move them to a separate folder. Batch my 2 star images to tiff, edit them in an external editor and save them, as jpgs, back to the folder I used for my 1 star images.

    This works well enough, but when I select my 1 star images by clicking on the 1 star rating category I get all of the 1 star images, including those from my previously processed sets. In order to avoid this I have had to empty my database before processing to clear out all of the previous 1 star ratings, allowing me to get only those I want to process this time.

    My question is whether or not there is an easier way to clear out the previously rated 1 star images than emptying the database. Emptying it means that the app must completely restart and sometimes I find that functionality that was working before the restart no longer works. One example of that is the rating system itself. While the cmd-1 worked to set the 1 star rating in a previous processing sequence it no longer worked after clearing the database and I had to do the ratings manually using the cursor and the rating box at the bottom right of the screen. An easier way to do this would be helpful.

    Thank you.