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Why is this forum lack much activity?

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  • Why is this forum lack much activity?

    Why does this forum lack much activity?

    Other photo editing forums are fairly busy places with people posting often and a lot of information being shared. This forum seems like an empty building with almost no activity, and I have found myself reluctant to ask question if only because I am not sure anyone is actually seeing them.

    What is the reason for this lack of activity? Are so few people using the Mac version of ACDsee? Or are they just not aware of the forum? Or are they participating in the Windows forum instead? I wanted to ask a question about the raw file presets, but have started to think I should ask on the Windows side since almost no one seems to be on this forum.
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    It is slower than other user groups, but most questions seem to get answered.


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      I don't know the answer to your question or I would respond....