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    As a new user to ACDSee, having switched from Aperture, I'm getting a little frustrated by the fact that I can't find certain features so perhaps someone could point me in the right direction. I have several thousand scans of aviation subjects which were shot on black & white film and which, needless to say, have more than their fair of share white spots which need to be removed. The 'help' facility can't find a repair tool for me so if anyone can assist me I should be most grateful. Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Paul - You may be asking a more complex question which I am not quite understanding. But, if all you are looking for is the normal repair tools, there are two of them. One each in Develop Mode and Edit Mode.

    In Develop Mode, all of the tools are divided into four groupings -- one tab for each group of tools. You will see those four tabs about one inch down from the top of the Develop Tools pane. They are labeled: Tune, Detail, Geometry, and Repair. Tune is the default tab, so you must click on the Repair tab to show those tools.

    In Edit Mode, the group of Repair tools are the first items in the Filter Menu pane. Red Eye Reduction is first, and Repair is second.

    If I’m completely missing something here, please post back and clarify your original question.
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      Many thanks for your response Bill.
      In the Mac version of ACDSee the Develop Mode indeed has a Repair tab but it contains only Red Eye Reduction! Edit Mode is not one of the three modes in the Mac version!
      I appreciate your input Bill but I'm no closer to solving the problem.


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        Ah....the Mac version. My error. I hate it when that happens. If none of the Mac users chime in with a response, you should fire off your quest to ACD Tech Support. Their link is:


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          Many thanks Bill.


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            There are no repair tools in the Mac version sadly except for the red eye and even that is quite poor.


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              The repair tools on the Windows version are pretty weak so I wouldn't get any hopes up on the Mac version.