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Auto refresh In Manage Mode

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  • Auto refresh In Manage Mode

    Is there anyway to make manage mode auto-refresh the folder/collection that you are in each time you go back to manage - clicking that refresh button after each jpeg is created from a RAW gets very tedious after a while.

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    I think I have the same experience. I keep my pictures grouped by file type. I work in Develop or View to create a JPG from an original. Moving back to Manage, the JPG is listed as an "Other type"... until I refresh the screen. (I think this is the same issue)

    ​My "favorite" ways to refresh are a) F5 b) Click into another folder then click back in c) hit the back button... then the forward button
    ​All work arounds for the automatic refresh.

    I've done this so long that I've seemed to forget the inconvenience of the process. thus I would be interested in the same option you suggest. (Hint to developers in case there is not a setting that I have missed).