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seamless transfer of large DB from pro 10 to ultimate 10?

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  • seamless transfer of large DB from pro 10 to ultimate 10?

    I just downloaded a trial of ultimate 10, because of the availability of layers. So, already using pro 10, will all my category data, exif, keywords, "everything" transfer right over to ultimate 10? IE it's just like using pro 10, but with the added photo editing capability? I sure hate to mess up my 100 gb DB by accident. So I download ultimate 10, and then what import my data from pro 10. Thanks for answering.

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    Answering my own early morning question, looks like it's just another editor of the main data base, and changes I make in ultimate go into the main DB that I can open in Pro or ultimate (?) Then, I can do all normal things like backup and sync, and the DB stays the same, edited by either program??? I hope that's clear. So far looks good, I have created a few of the layed files in Ultimate, they show up in the file list in Pro, and I can open them, but there are no layers shown. Looks like expected to me, and nice to be able to use layers.


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      I believe you are correct


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        Yes, as long as you stay within the same version, you SHOULD be fine. Both programs expect the same database at the same location. (Ultimate 10 is really just Pro 10 with some extra stuff, and the same way ACDSee Pro 10 is really just ACDSee 20 with extra 'stuff'.)
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          Here you can find a compatibility list. All versions of AC using the same acddb version number can share the same db without db conversion. That said current AC PM 20, AC Ulti 10 and AC Pro 10 can share the same db. But of course not concurrently!

          BTW. Looking at the list I wonder if we will ever see a AC Pro/Ulti 13 :-)