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How to correct the fuzziness of a photo ?

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  • How to correct the fuzziness of a photo ?

    I would like to know if it is possible with Acdsee Ultmate 10 to improve or reduce the fuzziness on a photography ?
    I had some old family fuzziness photos , probably with a focus problem .
    Thank for help

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    Fuzzy will be fuzzy. You can get some perceived sharpness going, that can help. Play around with the clarity tool, some contrast, some sharpening using the mask function while hitting the edges. If that doesn't work there are programs out there that will do pixel shift. Focus Magic is one I know of.
    Good Luck.


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      It has been my experience that the range of usefulness of products like Focus Magic is pretty narrow. I've never been able to get the results that the hype and advertising claim. In some photos, I didn't see ANY improvement. Those products are definitely in my "Try, before you buy" category of software.

      It may be theoretically possible to completely deconstruct and then reconstruct an image in order to improve overall sharpness, but I'm willing to bet, it will be a LONG time before we see that capability in a small office or home computer. I doubt the raw computing power is there.

      Then too, what does something like that do to the historical value of the photo? That photo is no longer an artefact of the 1950s but an artefact of the 21st century. would the 'sharpened photo' even be the SAME photo as the original? I think digital preservation of both the original paper photo and an accurate digital version should be the priority. Well, that, and enjoying those photos, that is.


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        Thank you for your answers . I am as you and I am rather sceptical on the results. I have downloaded Focus Magic which is a plugin of Acdsee Ult 10 , but I can't test it as a freeware . It costs about 65 Dollars .


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          I've had mixed results with "Smart DeBlur". There is a trial version for testing... there is also a portableapps version.