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NIk filters possible with ACDsee Ultimate 10

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  • NIk filters possible with ACDsee Ultimate 10

    Can Nik Filters work with ACDsee Ultimate 10? If so can someone tell me how to install them correctly.

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    I use Nik Filters in Pro 9, setting them up as External Editors. You should be able to do the same in Ultimate 10. You do need to save a copy of the working file as the Nik filter will overwrite the file when it is saved (If there's a way around this I'm not aware of it.)


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      You can do it one of two ways You can copy the entire Nik folder to the ACDSee plug-in folder at this location "C:/Users/{your userID}/AppData/Local/ACD Systems/3rd Party Plugins"


      You can just add the NIK folder path to the Options|Edit Mode| window in the "Adobe Photoshop Plugin Paths"

      See link below for an illustration

      The plugins will then be available for use in the Edit Tab of ACDSee Ultimate like any other plugin. You can also add them to the External editors list and access them that way, and in fact that is the ONLY way you can access the Nik HDR Efex plugin It seems to want to work as a stand alone only.
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        My ultimate 10 crashes when using viveza as soon i click the ok to save the image. Any ideas?


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          I don't think anyone has got Viveza to work as a plugin. I have used it as an external editor though
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            I wonder what is so special about viveza as to be the only NikĀ“s plug in that does not work


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              It doesn't work with Affinity Photo either


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                easiest route is to use them all as 'external editors'


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                  Same with Pro 9. Viveza 2 only works in Standalone version.