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Duplicate a Layer in Edit Mode

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  • Duplicate a Layer in Edit Mode

    There is probably an easy way to do this but searching through the help and forums I've not spotted it. I've attached a screenshot which may help explain what I'm trying to do.

    Working in Edit mode I have added a Vibrance Adjustment layer to the layer below. Then I looked at the photograph and realised that maybe I should correct the perspective which can't be done from the Adjustment Layers. So I need to go to Edit Mode Menu and do the correction there.

    ​I can't adjust the perspective from the Vibrance layer and in any case I want to preserve the Vibrance Layer in case I need to go back and adjust it later. Merging the layer down would not do that.

    ​So how do I create a duplicate layer that allows me correct perspective and still let me go back and adjust Vibrance if required, or is that not possible in ACDsee?

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    Is that possible/practical in ANY editor?

    I admit to not having an advanced level of knowledge regarding editing with layers, but I don't see how that could be possible or practical in any software. I mean the vibrance layer was created with one level of perspective, and if you go back and effectively change the perspective of the base photo how can the software know to alter the vibrance layer in terms of perspective?

    But even if it did link and adjust the vibrance layer appropriately, how could it do that while maintaining the appropriate level of vibrancy after adding, or deleting (or likely both), the pixels needed to change the perspective? I would think it would screw up the vibrance adjustment to the point where you'd have to do the vibrance adjustment over again anyway.

    To my less than expert eyes, it seems like the same amount of work either way.

    I'm willing to defer to other, more knowledgeable people on this however.


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      Photoshop has Smart Filters which you can go back and adjust. Thinking about what I said I've realised that ACDSee will not let me adjust the Vibrance again, nor would Affinity. In Affinity and Photoshop you can use a key combination Shift, Control Alt and E which makes a composite of all the layers in one new layer and then inserts it at the top of the layer stack. All of the layers below are preserved, you can edit them but you wouldn't see the effect because of the composite layer you have at the top of the layer stack.

      ​So I suppose what I really want to know is there a Photoshop equivalent of Shift Ctl Alt E


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        Maybe I'm being thick and not understanding what you mean.

        But why can't you just click on 'Layer One Copy' and adjust the perspective there the vibrancy will still be applied.