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Backup and Panaormic issues

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  • Backup and Panaormic issues

    Hi there

    Have recently used the ACDSee sync between my workstation and NAS backup directory (using Ultimate 9) and each time it can't backup two panoramic shots. I have a folder with four panoramic shots of the same interior . .. . taken at the same time, same settings. Only difference is (and I'm trying to figure out what I did with this) is that the two of the four jpg files that were backed up were 'rough' panoramas (if that is the right word), essentially viewed as segments of the photos coarsely lined up with the panoramic software with no final formatting of the photo. The two that were backed up were those same two rough panoramas after formatting; in this case, framing in the shape of a rectangle as opposed to the jagged edges of the original coarse panorama . . . no other editing of the files was completed.

    Maybe I'm not describing this well enough, but I can't think of 'any' reason why the software simply doesn' back up these *jpg files as simply files regardless of the content. It doesn't give me any reason why it can't, but simply indicates they weren't backed up.

    Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance.

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    I can think of two random thoughts....

    ​Do the files really exist? (Can you see them in file manager)
    ​I know, this sounds silly... but I have run into a couple of times where the thumbnails in the ACDSee database are "orphaned". This means the thumbnail is there... but the file was actually moved using another program. Tools >Database maintenance OR Tools > Database Optimize can help cleanup orphaned database entries.

    File locks/permissions
    Is it possible these files are locked in some fashion. Maybe marked as read only?