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Bug in Ultimate 10: "Always on top" disabling not working?

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  • Bug in Ultimate 10: "Always on top" disabling not working?

    Viewing/Full Screen mode: the ACDSee window stays on top even when switching apps, even if the "Always on top" setting is deselected. Annoying when trying to work with several programs at once. This should be an easy fix, right?
    The bug is quite serious, because if the machine is put into sleep mode, when it wakes up the window is completely unresponsive and shows a black screen. I don't think Ultimate 9 had this bug. Needs to be fixed.
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    Also when a minimized AC that's doing a batch job, it pops up again as soon as you open or restore any another program. Batch jobs should be done in background! However this is an ages old behaviour and AC's GUI always has been pretty clumsy.


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      +1 vakdad
      +1 Emil

      ​I would certainly like to see batch functions done in the background. I would also like to see IPTC data updates done in the background, too. (Select 300 files, change IPTC data to a preset, select enter.... get coffee)

      ​The way batches and IPTC group changes work today does take less programmatic record keeping for the development team and thus less prone to getting things out of whack. So I can respect that decision for a while. I do hope that someday the database gurus and the GUI gurus at ACDSee become better acquainted.

      ​Since I like coffee, I have somehow gotten use to using these features to allow for a coffee break.


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        Is anyone from the programming team reading this? The full screen behaviour makes switching back and forth from Photoshop impossible, and having to force-quit the program after sleep mode is kind of unprofessional.


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          For what it is worth, (Keep in mind, I am just another user) I have found the following enhancement to the problem description....

          ​"Always on top" issue in view mode
          * Operated as expected when in View > Normal mode
          ​* Operates incorrectly when View > Full screen mode (hot-key F)
          ​Although this is not in my personal work flow, I can see how this would be frustrating if your were operating in a different flow

          ​Force-Quit Issue
          ​Going in and out of sleep mode works for me... as long as I do NOT have a USB disk plugged in to the computer. When I plug in the USB disk, and go into, then out of.... sleep mode... it seems that ACDSee does hang up and require a force-close. I thought it might have something to do with the indexer, but ACDSee is not configured to scan/import/search the USB drive.... so it is not that.