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Presets and ACDsee Actions

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  • Presets and ACDsee Actions

    I am not entirely sure what the difference is between a preset amd an ACDsee action? Also, in develop mode one can assign acdsee actions. Is there a resource for other action? Are users using and developing actions much like lightroom? While Ibunderstand LR has a huge would be great to have here also

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    They might appear quite similar if all you are doing is applying a predefined setting for a specific control to a single photo. However, an action script can be applied to almost any selection in the edit tab and can be sequential in nature. As a result, one can create an action script that, for example, adjusts exposure, applies a watermark, resizes the photo, and even saves the photo as a jpg. Plus, because the action script can be applied from within the manage tab, the user can select a batch of photos in the manage tab and apply that script to every photo selected.

    This can be quite a time saver to a high volume photographer (weddings? Sports teams? School portraits?) who wants to apply a consistent look and feel to a large number of photos quickly.

    Actions aren't perfect yet, they have some gaps in their functionality. But the bones are there for significant increases in functionality.
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