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    Just for curiosity, why do you keep a generate.jpg which just is a conversion of the developed raw? Every time you update the meta data of the raw you will need to map the data into the jpg as well.

    I prefer to export the developed raw whenever it is needed ... and delete the jpg after upload, delivery or whatever. I don't need to keep the jpg, instead I use the export function of AC when needed. This exported jpg isn't managed in AC at all.

    This does of course not apply to edited photos which usually have (slightly) different iptc meta data.
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      Well, that's a good question, I just did not think of it that way... I had the feeling that, if I did not export or record a .jpg, workflow was unachieved, and I just kept that .jpg in the current directory.
      Besides, I often edit files.


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        Hi folks

        Keeping experimenting metadata management and transfer after Dave Hall's long and detailed post...

        I have noticed that copying every metadata from .xmp to .jpg would override any tag previouly given to the .jpg file. Not a lot of them, of course (that's the reason why I need to copy from .xmp files), but at least two : ACDSee colour label, and automatic rotation.

        Now Dave had stated : "It's possible to copy only selected tags by listing them in the command. eg exiftool -tagsfromfile %d%f.XMP -XMP:Rating -XMP:Label -r -ext JPG "c:\My Photo folder" would copy only the rating and label tags."

        So I tried the following : exiftool -tagsfromfile %d%f.XMP -XMP:Categories -XMP:Keywords -r -ext JPG "F:\myphotofolder"
        In that case, I would correctly transfer ACDSee categories, but not keywords.

        So, my question is, what is the correct syntax (I also tried w/ "keyword", singular (without an "s"), but same result) ?
        More generally, is it possible to find complete spec of ACDSee xmp files ?

        Thank you in advance
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          There are some examples of commands for copying tags here

          You can exclude individual tags from a group/all copy by putting --[tagname] in the command (note the double minus sign).

          The hardest part is to find the correct tag names. I haven't found a definitive list, but using ExifTool to export the tags to HTML and then examining the file can help.


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            Thank you Dave
            Well, I tried again (with both "-XMP:Categories" and "-XMP:Keywords"), and this time it worked ! Quite likely I mistyped something in my previous attempts...


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              I added two replies here, but both got marked as "unapproved", probably because the contained external links. It seems they never got approved and now are vaporized.