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  • Panorama stitching

    Am I correct in assuming that it's not possible yet to stitch together a number of images to create a panorama withing ACDsee. Been away a while and trying to ditch PS/LR combo.
    I realise MS ICE is available so may have a look at that. Many thanks

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    I get the best results with my old version 6 of Photoshop Elements. Second best tool I tried is the free autostich. Last time I tried ICE it created lots of mistakes in the image. But it was quite some time ago, maybe it is better now.


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      No stitching available in ACDSee as far as I know. I use ICE and it works fine for me.


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        I use Hugin, it's a bit intimidating, but it's VERY complete, and FREE. The learning curve is steep, but I doubt you can get better results from anything else. I've also found Affinity Photo to have excellent, and easy to use, stitching, HDR, and Focus stacking modules. Those 3 items alone, make it worth the price of admission.


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          Many thanks. Have gone back to PS Elements 11 for stitching. Tried ICE before without much success, I should have read the instructions. Will look again and at other suggestions.