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  • Ultimate 10 trial

    Hi, trying ultimate 10 and tried the EDIT brush, I found that the brush is very JUDDERY and not smooth when painting over something, any ideas why. Thanks
    Last edited by Duncan; 08-02-2017, 08:23 PM.

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    I've not found it to be at all jittery. My understanding is that Ultimate 9 and 10 rely pretty heavily on the graphics display card resources for the newest Edit tab controls. If you have a display card with just 512mb of onboard memory, it is likely that performance for the newest edit controls will be . . . underwhelming. I know after Ultimate 9, I had performance issues, and it was pointed out that they now recommend that the display card have at least 1GB of memory available to it (either onboard the card, or available as shared resources). I was ready to upgrade my PC anyway, so I got a new midrange Desktop with an nVidia display card with 2GB of onboard ram, and performance is blazingly fast in all tabs.
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      Thanks, I will just have to put up with it if I decide to purchase. Thanks


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        I've experienced this as well, particularly as I do most of my editing on a laptop with a built-in Intel graphics unit. What are your system specs? At the very least I would recommend updating to the latest graphic card drivers and make sure you have at least 8gb of ram.