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  • Selecting an area

    I have recently purchased ultimate 10. I am still learning but I have gone through all the videos and tutorials and I think I have a reasonably good grasp of what to do. There is one area that I have not been able to use properly and that is selections.

    I have read through the tutorials and the help screens and I can select an area ok. I then want to make adjustments to only the area that has been selected but no matter what I do or what selection tool I have used, any adjustments that I apply affect the whole image and not just the selected area.

    I am doing the selections in edit mode and I can clearly see the area that I have selected. Am I missing an important step or am I doing something wrong?
    I have tried every night for the last week and used different images but can not get it to work.

    Can anyone offer me some advice to get the selections to work.

    Thanks, John

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    Hmmm! I've not had that problem. The only thing I can think of is that you are doing the selection at the wrong time. If I want to select an area for exposure adjustment, then I first go into exposure, and select smart brush, and make my selection, then adjusting the exposure will affect only the selection. That smart brush tool that lies outside the regular selection seems reserved for the layers tool.


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      The fact is that it will be so if you use adjustment layers with the selection area. If you select an adjustment from the "edit" menu, the change will only apply to the selected area. In the adjustment layers, you need to invert the mask and draw in the selected area.


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        Thanks Glen and Denis.

        I have tried using the selection tools (not just the smart brush) and the problems occurs in edit and develop mode.
        I have been selecting the type of adjustment first before selecting the area.

        However I have been trying for the last couple of days and finally got it to work but it only works sometimes. I tried different images and sometimes it will work on one image during an processing session and then not work on the next image.
        I have been having a similar problem with pixel targeting where I see the areas I want to adjust in the target mask window but when making an adjustment it only affects some of the areas. I used an image that contained about 6 purple flowers amongst some white flowers and even though all 6 purple flowers show up clearly in the target mask window only one changed when I made adjustments. I tried again later and then all 6 flowers would adjust.

        The inconsistent behaviour and this additional problem with pixel targeting leads me to believe that I be better to uninstall ACDsee and reinstall it. I was using the program on the trial period and the installation may have got corrupted by something I did whilst learning the program.

        So I will do a reinstall, probably tonight and then try the selection tools again. I will report back with the results

        Thanks for your help,


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          I reinstalled ACDsee last night and have spent the day testing the selection tools and pixel targeting. I am happy to say that selections has worked perfectly and so have pixel targeting.

          I am guessing that I might have done something I shouldn't have when I was using the program in it's trial phase.

          Thanks Glen and Denis for you responses.