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U2018 'Upgrade Insurance'?

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  • U2018 'Upgrade Insurance'?

    I'm running out of time to pre-order Ultimate 2018, so I hope this can be answered quickly.
    When I put the order in and went to billing, an item appeared called 'Upgrade Insurance' I don't remember seeing this item on any prior order from ACDSee.
    1. What does it cover?
    2. If I do not buy it, does that mean that upgrades within the same version of Ultimate will _not_ be available or will have a charge? For U10, I was able to upgrade from the original release all the way to the last (10.4) for no charge. Will 'point' releases for U2018 NOT be free if one doesn't buy the upgrade insurance?

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    Bill, your best and fastest bet is to call or send an email to ACDSee. Most of us would just be speculating.


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      Glen, thanks. I did send an e-mail to them late last evening MDT. So far (1:08PM MDT) no reply except an automated acknowledgment. So I'm hoping for someone official from ACDSee to give me the 'official' skinny here. Otherwise, I'm gong to pass on the upgrade offer, since I wouldn't know what the terms are for point updates.
      Frankly, I'm also disappointed that ACDSee has given so little clear information on the features of U2018. The video they have up is useless - one run on fast-forward with no clue as to what you're seeing or what it means.


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        Personally, I'd just call the marketing people directly, once a sales person is on the phone, it's really difficult for them to be overtly rude to a potential customer! If you know anything about sales, you can just call it a 'reverse assumed close'! You assume they want to help you and you're so friendly and upbeat, it's difficult not to do so!
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