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ACDSEE VERY SLOW at export on a different laptop

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  • ACDSEE VERY SLOW at export on a different laptop

    Hi everyone. I just finished processing a wedding on a different machine. It is not a mega machine, but it is comparable to my other one. HD AMD A12-9720P Radeon R7 12 Compute cores 4c + 8g 2.7 ghz. I am not a techy. Is there a hardware issue I am unaware of?

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    I was wondering whether what you experience might be related to the performance problems I found when writing developed raw files.
    I did the same test with some JPG and some RAW pictures and I found that in both cases that Ultimate Studio 2018 writes the files in very small chunks of 1014 or 512 bytes, i.e. for a 7MB file this would be over 14'000 individual write operations.
    This becomes a performance issue when you write to a slow disk or especially to a NAS. I'm not sure whether this does apply to your case....


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      Ok, that makes sense, but I am writing to my hard drive. What is an NAS?


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        It may be hardware related.... a quick search suggests the hard disk subsystem in that laptop may be a bit slow.
        ​subsystem = the disks plus all the electronics that control the disk)

        Here is a link:
        ​This review suggest the disk system in you laptop has a read/write speed in the 60MB/s-70MB/S range .

        ​State of the art solid state drives are a bit quicker at over 600MB/s for reads and 1000MB/s for writing

        ​NAS = Network Attached Storage. These are boxes about the size of a toaster that hold from 2 to 8 drives and connect to your network. These also have different transfer speeds.I have older device that transfer around 30MB/s and newer devices that transfer at over 100MB/s

        So if you are comparing to others, it may seem a bit slow. But, what you got to ask yourself, is it fast enough.
        ​Getting caught in the arms race for speed gets costly fast. It really comes down to what is efficient enough for your business. If you can batch something up to run overnight.... or it can run in 30 minutes... but in both cases you don't need it until tomorrow, then there is no value in buying really fast.

        ​Are there things in your process that can make use of the batch processing in ACDSee?


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          Hi Gus. Ok, I understand what you are referencing. Yeah, I don't have the big bucks for hardware yet. It ran faster on my Intel processor, but I like this larger screen. Maybe I will trade them both in for an upgrade. Unfortunately, I have to have a laptop because I do some work at work and some work at home. I appreciate the feedback. Yes, I can change my process to process over night - I did that for 2 years with LR.