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Why only one Image Basket?

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  • Why only one Image Basket?

    Hi all,

    ​I find Image Basket to be a useful tool and I use it. But it has a limitation: there is only one Image Basket, no matter how many databases you may be dealing with (3 in my case). The contents of the IB is the same no matter which DB you open. This is so because its contents are kept in Registry and not in the DB itself. If it was in the DB, it would change when changing DB, and also it would be 'recovered' when converting a DB after upgrading to a new ACDSee version.


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    This is a great idea, I would love to see the ability to have multiple image baskets. I use mostly when culling images for projects, so being able to slide images into multiple baskets as a temporary placement would be extremely helpful.


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      Years ago I've stopped to use it at all because it's content was gone after every crash. Instead I use a set of temporary categories. Nowadays the collections also seem a proper place for multiple image baskets.