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    Earlier I had stated the first thing that really caught my attention with 2018 is that the menu names weren't garbled.

    The 2nd thing I'm noticing is that the software seems to choke hard enough after using for an hour or so that I have to kill the process and re-start. Then it works fine ... for another couple hours or so. I've done no formal diagnostics so I'll keep my suspicions to myself.

    I'll note the (very large) database has essentially the same number of images on the same hard drives (several external) using the same i7 computer with Win7-64 OS (16G RAM) as I had with U10. Nvidia GPU has latest drivers.

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    Hm-m-m ... I hit a wrong button on my mouse when I went to hit Post Reply (this mouse has side buttons I keep hitting). When I get back to this page, I hit Restore, I see my text for a split second, then the page returns to the main Forum page. Finally hit Discard instead of Restore and re-write this update.

    But that's not the purpose of my post ...

    * * * * *

    A follow up to my original post with more detail:

    A large TIF file generated by ICE from several NEF files. The image measures 20304 x 3764 pixels x 32 bit (about 5.4:1). File size is 291.5M.

    I rotate the image a degree or so and tweak the General tab settings a bit - then try to "Save As". I get a message: "Not enough memory. Try saving in View Mode." (huh? view mode?) Sounds funny but I attempt to do so. The program chokes. Kill the process, re-start the program, try a different variant of accomplishing the goal. Choke again.

    Try to start directly in Edit Mode to resize. Another choke.

    Now I know this should work - I did the original developments using U9 and U10.

    I'm not insane - I stop trying after the third attempt.

    So I fire up U10. I'll admit U10 took its sweet time loading the image at first ... but once loaded, it did the job as I expected it to.
    (U10 using 591,248k memory ... on a 16G RAM box)

    Everything else on the computer remained working fine during this process - only 2018 froze. I didn't need any reboots.

    So is 2018 better than U10? I can't say - I haven't tried out all the features - but I know there's at least one task I do fairly often that U10 does that 2018 can't.

    Sure glad I kept the earlier versions.