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Any way to use a LUT in ACDSee ?

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  • Any way to use a LUT in ACDSee ?

    Just picked up a little program that lets me create a LUT from the hundreds of Lightroom presets I have.

    It works great I can then load them into Affinity Photos to use.

    But I would love to be able to load them into ACDSee as I want to use it as my main photo editor but the LUTS giving my film and other presets are so good for what it brings this is pushing me back to Affinity to edit is just to be able to use the LUTs.

    Is there some way to use LUTs in ACDSee I have not found? or is this something coming soon i hope.?

    I tried to recreate the same color looks using a record action but the color setting do not match at all not even close. Setting the same color setting numbers as in Lightroom and same split tone settings numbers do not match.

    Most all of them are just color sat, Hue and luma, Splittone and curves settings.

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    AC does not support LUTs at all. Afik you can't even export/import the develop preset templates from within AC.


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      +1 on adding LUTS to ACDSee! Presently, I shell out to affinity the same as EddieM.