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Graphics card upgrade - any improvement to be expected?

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  • Graphics card upgrade - any improvement to be expected?

    I already have a GTX 680 graphics card installed with ultimate 2018.
    I'm using Windows 7 on a desktop system , i7 processor (3770k 3.5GHz) and 16GB ram and an SSD drive for the programs and photos and database.

    I intend to replace the GTX 680 (2GB Ram) with a GTX 1080, (8GB ram, from Palit GeForce)

    Will I notice a difference when working with the ACDSee Ultimate 2018 in develop mode?
    And/or when performing batch editing when converting several developed photos to jpg's ?
    What would be the effect on working with layers in edit mode?

    Would be interested to hear your experiences
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    I'm no display card expert, but I would be surprised if it resulted in any significant increase in speed. There is a significant increase in upgrading from a card with 512mb of ram to 2GB, especially in the Edit tab, but I doubt that the develop tab significantly benefits from more graphics card on board RAM. Certainly, 2GB seems adequate for ACDSee's needs.

    Where 8 GB of RAM on the graphics card will be useful is in video editing and games.


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      I'm with Glen, GTX 1080 are overkill for AC. We are fine with GTX 1050.


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        When I get a chance to test it. I'll let you know if it improves anything compared to the 680