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Ultimate is slow, buggy, crashed

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    Originally posted by GusPanella View Post

    Consider, using the data/insight from the process logs and running process monitors to determine the root cause.

    Not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for. I don't have any malware and I'm not running CCleaner or anything else - other than bog standard Windows 10 defender - as a background scanner.

    I just timed it now:

    Opening the ACDSee app took 31 seconds to become responsive. Photoshop CC 19 (famously slow) took 10 seconds. Powerpoint/Word/Excel are near instantaneous.

    That takes hardware out of the equation.

    Deleting the database makes no difference.

    My guess is it's trying to do something online and then gives up because I've renamed the crapware and blocked access in the HOSTS file.


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      I too run windows defender, so that rules that out as a problem.

      I am beginning to think there is no way to help without agreeing to the spyware/crapware/host file/etc. discussion. For the record, I am not trying to either promote or dispel that view. I am only trying to help you get to the bottom of the issue.

      Factoid: If I block/allow google analytics in the HOST file (either locally or on my firewall) or disable/enable acdintouch, my system does not show any difference in Ultimate2018. (Of note, I did see a difference in v7, v8, v9, and v10).

      ​I quickly scanned the thread... but could not find something.
      As a pathological check, do you notice a difference with and without the system adjustments mentioned?

      ​I'll go back to something, in my bag of tricks...
      If you never find the source of the problem, you will never be able to arrive at a solution.
      Using the tools in the computer can help recognize what is taking these cycles or time. First open the Win10 resource monitor.. Next, start up up the application. Look to see what spikes in the resource monitor? Go take a look at those resources, inspect what DLL or EXE or ??? is causing the spike... Use that as a clue to what is the source of the problem. Pro tip: You may have to do this a few times in order to see exactly what is taking up resources... or worse it may be multiple things taking up resources
      Know what is taking up the resources can help pin point were to start.

      ​In case it may help, t
      he other apps you mention do not instantiate a database instance or connection. I am NOT saying this is the issue, but it is one thing I would keep on my short list.


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        I had same issue to open Acdsee Ultimate 10 very slowly (took about 40 sec.). Could not fix after clear database.
        Sometime could get mouse, keyboard freeze over 5 mins.

        Environment -
        Intel NUC7i7BNH
        RAM: 32GB
        Boot Disk: PCIE SSD 512GB
        SATA port: SSD 512GB
        USB 3.0 HUB with 4 HDD dock.


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          I need to step in - I have the same problem since a few days working with Ultimate 10.

          I am a new user of ACDsee Ultimate 10 since a few month and was so happy that it worked so fast. Especially the management of files, but also the RAW development.
          I found out that it does not work so good from a NAS station, better have the files direct at the computer. Okay that I have done.

          But now since a few weeks I want to work on some RAW files, but the program always crashes not the program only but the whole Computer turns down and restarts. That really drives me crazy and with this I cannot work. I am a user and have no idea of the inside comouter system needs, I just want it running, otherwise no use.

          Can somebody help?


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            I had been having issues several months ago and I bailed on it. HOWEVER - I ended up updating my graphics drivers, updated windows and reinstalled. I haven't had issues yet.............fingers crossed.


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              My hardware is quite good. i7, 16GB Ram, SSD drives, GTX1080 Graphics card, Windows 7, several drives.
              Most of my images I regularly use, the database and the program are stored on 2 SSD drives

              Here’s what I’ve noticed.
              If I freshly power up the computer and click on an image then it has to load the ACDSee Ultimate 2018 program first and then display the image in view mode, and that takes at least 15secs despite the fact that it is starting from an SSD drive.
              Now, perhaps the software has been loaded into the cache, or whatever, and is always ready to go from now on, because even if I close the ACDsee program and then click on the same image again it takes about 3 secs to start the program and load the image in view mode.

              One other thing
              If I don’t click on an image, but instead click on the ACDSee program icon to start the program it goes to manage mode and it needs to wake up all the drives visible in manage mode before it is ready to go. This means a longish delay if any of those mechanical drives had previously gone to sleep. (You can actually hear them spinning up)
              Not quite sure why it does this at that stage? maybe to check for any new photos and to be able to start “cataloguing” them in the background ??
              Again, a second start, by clicking on the ACDSee program icon, takes less than 3 secs because all the drives are now all awake.
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                There is definitely something seriously wrong with this program. Sometimes it can take over a minute to open an image. If I close it and try again, it can take just as long the second time. Sometimes it's "only" 7 seconds. Quickview is instantaneous.

                I used to use ACDSee for quick edits. Now I'm using PhotoShop for everything - because it's faster!

                There is nothing to see in Process Explorer. It is waiting for something to happen, I don't know what. Maybe it's looking for external drives or something, despite me making every attempt to exclude them.

                The excluded folders settings are a joke. It catalogues every file you open, no matter what you put in there, presumably because they don't give a crap about how rubbish this program has become. I've been complaining about this for five years.

                I don't know what's going on ACDSee HQ but the developers of this software are clearly clueless. No wonder hardly anyone uses it.