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    ​I had never really paid attention to "solid" colors before but I recently had occasion to work with a logo. It ended up being my first experience working with a non-photo print shop ... since business cards don't count in this instance.

    They called me and pointed out my colours didn't match. I thought it was the RGB to CYMK conversion but it turned out to be a mistake I made - an easily corrected mistake but it got me poking around into color matching and interpretation.

    What I started looking for was one of my programs that would produce CYMK output. It turned out that Affinity was the only program I have that will do that but it got me looking at my tools in a different light than my normal usage.

    Starting with a baseline commercial logo of solid reddish colour presented in JPG and PNG formats, I got varying results depending on the program used. Here's what I found.


    Q-Image 2018--------------231---0-----0
    ACDSee Pro 5-------------194---0----24
    ACDSee Pro 6-------------151--66----37
    ACDSee U10---------------193---0----57
    ACDSee 2018-------------194---0------1
    DxO OPro 10.5-----------194---0-----24
    DxO ViewPoint-----------152--66-----37
    Affinity 1.56----------------151--66-----37
    Affinity 1.61----------------152--66----38
    GIMP 2.8-------------------255---0-----28
    MS Pic Mgr----------------194---0-----24
    MS Explorer---------------193---1-----19
    Panorama Lite------------194---0-----24

    I draw no real conclusions - I wish I knew the "true" colour of the logo. I suspect RED with a touch of BLU but I don't have adequate colour calibration equipment other than a monitor calibrator. I suspect 194 0 24 is closest. I find interesting the variations in the ACDSee versions.

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    For what it may be worth I created three Adobe RGB solid red, green and blue images with my PSCC14 and saved them as png-24 files. Then I opened the files in AC Ultimate 10 and used the colour picker in edit mode to see the values on my two screen setup.

    Color     PSCC14         AC Ulti 10
                         Screen 1  Screen 2
    red       255-0-0    251-8-0   247-2-27
    green     0-255-0    36-255-5  91-255-0
    blue      0-0-255    44-0-255  70-0-248
    Screen 1 is a calibrated CG243W, screen 2 is uncalibrated. The color picker of PSCC14 is showing the correct values on both screens but of course the colours look different on both screens.


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      I find this thread very interesting. I have been working a loonnnggg time trying to solve my OCD with color correction. I am really not that sophisticated with this color matching stuff and should really learn more. I never even thought a program would change the colors. This combined with the recent bugs in the "soft-proof function in 2018 really make me wonder what is going on.