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    Does anyone of you use a Wacom tablet and got it to work properly? I know that ACDSee doesn't support pressure sensitivity but I can't get it to work for simple editig.
    Somehow ACDSee overwrites the Wacom Settings I guess. For example does the Rightclick which is set in the Wacom Settings on the Pen Button 1, not work at all. ACDSee registeres it as a normal click while the mouse button shows a circle indicating something but not a Rightclick.
    Also the sensitivity of the Wacom settings are not registered in ACDSee (in Lightroom, PS and Gimp everything works fine). The threshold for example on sliders is so high that I have to basically drag the slider above or below the actual slider (click and drag slider and go to top or bottom of the screen until it registeres the input).

    Anyone else had these issues or has an idea how I can solve this? Btw I already emailed ACDSee support 2 weeks but never got an answer. ;-(
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    I am using a Wacom Intuos 5 Touch tablet on my Laptop (Win 10 Pro) and Ultimate 2018. It works just fine including right click operation (for instance using the develop brush tool and add or remove parts from the mask). The only exception is pressure sensitivity which I do not use anyway.

    Do you have the latest Wacom driver installed? In the past when I had trouble with the tablet in Lightroom, it was helpful to change the Tip Fell pressure sensitivity from the default straight line to maximum output for very little pen pressure.

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      Thanks for the reply SteBae,

      yes I have the latest drivers installed. I'm using a Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch.
      The tablet itself works with ACDSee and all Touch commands are registered. The only issue is with the pen. No rightclick, no properly working buttons and threshold issues...
      Isn't there anything to change in ACDSee itself?

      I mean... if it works in all other applications and the wacom software is not set up differently for ACDSee... then it has to do something with the setting of ACDSee right?


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        I haven't set anything specific in ACDSee Ultimate options. I think there isn't even something to set. What I forgot to mention is, that I have set both side switch options to "Right Click". Perhaps this is the reason why right clicks works for me?

        Click image for larger version

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          Hi folks
          ​I have exactly the same problem as M_T
          ​Strangely, it did'nt occur w/ ACDSee previous versions (at least, not w/ U9)
          ​I'll try your config and keep you informed

          ​EDIT : unfortunately, still does'nt work

          ​EDIT 2 : I confirm right click works in Windows. When you "right click" w/ the stylus, a white circle appears, then the contextual menu follows (normal Windows operation). In ACDSee, the white circle appears too, but then pressure gives you just the equivalent of a left-click

          ​EDIT 3 : well, it's even stranger... In ACDSee, right click DOES work in given contexts : if I "right click" w/ the stylus on a thumbnail, it normally yields contextual menu. What does not work for me is the brush (brushing w/ right click enabled does not erase previous brush strokes)
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            So I'm not the only one having this issue. Thanks for the input jpu018. It seems we have the exact same problem.

            Unfortunately the ACDSee support doesn't bother to respond. :-(


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              It may be that you need to turn off Use Windows Ink in your Wacom Tablet Properties Mapping section. I have no clue why this worked, but it did for me! Now I can use the pen to brush on my selection and use one of the pen's buttons to 'erase.'