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  • Workbook/manual

    Just noticing...both Affinity and On1 have come out with masterclass workbooks. I know the folks at Acdsee are already busy...but wow what a great tool. Especially for a complex program like Acdsee. I believe acdsee has the ability to outperform ON1, but the ease of use of ON1 makes it so appealing. Acdsee is more complex...a workbook in the future would be amazing!

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    Hi Peggy - Can you describe hat you have in mind in a little more detail?


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      Wish they did a book like affinity photo. That book steps you though navigation then projects you can follow


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        Two books are needed, actually. One for DAM and one for :Photo Enhancement. Both subjects are much too large for a single volume. Maybe a volume for each major module, DAM, Develop, and Edit. Sell them like the old Time Life books on photography from the 1970s.

        I bought the Affinity Photo book, and it is quite good. But Serif has the right of it, for any company not named Adobe, there can't be many third party authors willing to tackle this type of book (especially if they have to self publish). But considering it makes for a nice add-on sale for the software publisher, I think it might make some sense. Buying the software AND the book effectively doubled the amount of money users sent to Serif.
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          Glen Barrington
          ​+1... With your blog I was always kinda' hoping that you would write the book we would all buy. But I like the thought that multiple are probably required

          ​It has to be tough to decide to write the book because of the annual updates cause a bit of editing. As users, I guess we could write a book in a "crowd sourced" fashion, but that would come with it's own issues.

          ​Let's play with the math
          My guess is a book may take about 500 hours to write. I would think 10% of ACDSee users may buy the book.... but I have no idea how many total users there are of ACDSee, therefore, it is difficult to justify spending the time.

          There are a lot of "ifs", but:
          100,000 users x 10% = 10,000 purchase x $10 per e-book** = $100,000 revenue / 500 hours = $200/hour
          ​Not bad... if... it is possible to get 10,000 purchases... if it only takes 500 hours to write.... if people would spend $10 on an e-book
          ​Probably need at least two people,,,, one to write... one to edit... Which now means 1000 hours resulting in $100/hr each for two people...

          Would ACDSee need to approve use of screen shots and the like? What would there fee be for this use?
          ​**I did some searching on the web, It would add about $30 per book to have it printed for such a small qty.


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            I think 500 hours is optimistic, since an author has to not only test his/her statements/opinions for accuracy and completeness, but compile illustrations as well. I'd say, 1000 hours is not an outrageous figure. two or three people could possibly do it in 500 hours each. Also, a professional editor should be used to make sure a quality book is created.

            Note that Serif has foregone the eBook format to remove the possibility of piracy. As an ebook user, I know DRM is a trivial exercise. Serif sells their paper book for around $50, roughly the cost of the software itself. They appear to have contracted with Amazon to handle the physical publishing and distribution.

            I don't know how many copies Serif has sold, but from the comments in their user's forum, I'd guess it is a bit more than 10% of current users. I don't think annual updates would be necessary if the book(s) are properly designed to provide a solid generic introduction and tutorial to ACDSee, then updates every 2-3 years would only be needed, and even then only Major changes would be required to be documented. The ACDSee UI simply doesn't change all that much.
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              LV- sorry for the delayed response. A workbook vs a manual would be a step guide in how to use the given features of ACDsee. There are a number of tutorials that are beneficial, however I find that especially when they are sped up to reduce the video length, it's impossible to really follow steps. A sky replacement step guide. Basically a step guide that you can follow to create a project, even possibly download the photo to work along with the steps on the same photo. start with many basic homework, move up to combining them into more complex projects. Just a thought.


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                I sometimes name AC the "Dead Marshes", east of river Anduin: Dreary and wearisome; an ancient battlefield. Now deadly for the careless. But nerds find narrow paths through it and can save miles.

                A workbook for AC could indeed be useful. Perhaps implemented as a wiki.


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                  +1 Emil ​That is funny!


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                    Hi folks
                    +1 for me too, wiki is a good idea, but not a must