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  • Modify text in a layer

    Hi, I didn't find the possibility to modify a text. Here is the case: I created a New Year Card with one of my pictures with the traditional "Happy New Year" written on it. I made it with Ultimate 2018 in the Edit mode and used a new layer for the text. No problem for this creation, it is simple.
    But I wanted to modify the text and came back to the layer, here is my question: how can I modify the text? I tried to double click on the layer, to go in the text section but I didn't find how to edit this text.
    Thank you and all my wishes for the coming year.

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    After clicking "Apply" the text is converted into a bitmap, no chance to edit it later. Imho best option is to delete the layer and create a new one.


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      Thank you Emil, this is the answer I was afraid of.
      Enjoy your New Year's Eve celebrations.


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        Hello and best wishes for an healthy, peaceful and happy 2018,

        i've had the same problem, my workaround is, to save the text as a preset before applying, and when i want to change something, i.e. insert my family name instead only my first name , i load this preset in a new layer and change there as requested.

        Greetz from Germany


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          Thank you Uwe, same wishes for you.
          This is a solution. But I am a little bit disappointed, we are far from the possibilities with Photoshop or Affinity.

          Salut de France