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Ultimate 10.. downgrade from Ultimate 9 in many ways..

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  • Ultimate 10.. downgrade from Ultimate 9 in many ways..

    Just thought I would post some quick thoughts about Ultimate 10, which I have been using now for a couple months. Can't say I am overly impressed with some of the tried and true features found in Ultimate 9. The mask layers... wow, how they seem to have messed this up. Half the time, my mask layers look good in editing mode, but then come out looking terrible when saved as a TIFF or jpeg. Doesn't matter the camera or RAW file used. Do not have this problem at all with Ultimate 9.

    Also, for whatever reason, I get horrendous color banding with Ultimate 10 when lowering exposure, especially when using layer masks. Again, not a issue with Ultimate 9. Also, why has ACDsee removed the right click on the brush to adjust the size and feathering of the brush? Really aggravating. As of right now, the only reason I am going to Ultimate 10 at all, is because of the 5D IV that I acquired not long ago, and Ultimate 9 (even updated) does not have the ability to read the raw files from that camera.

    Beyond that, there are things about Ultimate 10 I do like, and the refinements for certain tasks are noticeable. I just don't understand some of these downgrades though.