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Ultimate 10 and Norton Antivirus

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  • Ultimate 10 and Norton Antivirus

    Can you tell me if there are any issues with Norton and Acdsee Ultimate10. Since downloading Norton updates a few weeks ago, the following happens;
    When the first screen of Ultimate10 opens i get a 'Norton' box come up tell me the 'Authorization is required' . It goes on to say "To perform the requested action we need to authorize your account. Please sign in" If i click 'ok' i am taken to the Norton account page where i can 'sign in'. If I sign not much seems to happen so I tab back to Ultimate and carry on. If I just close the box (top right-hand corner) nothing happens and i can continue to use Ultimate10 as normal.
    Norton suggested i remove and reinstall their program. This i did today. With Norton uninstalled the issue was gone. Now i have reloaded Norton the issue has returned.
    Is it just me or do others suffer the same annoyance? Anything you can do to help?

    Thank you
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    Hi Miles,
    Do you know which exe from Ultimate 10 is triggering the Norton false alarm? If it is acdidintouch2.exe, you may try adding "acdidintouch2.exe" in your exclusion list in Norton (Norton Settings | Exclusions /Low Risk | Configure Items to exclude from Auto-Protect, SONAR and Download Intelligence Detection) See if that helps. Thanks.


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      HI Miles - Not sure which Norton product you are having trouble with. But, FYI, I've been running all versions of ACDSee for years along with Norton Internet Security. No problems. You may want to contact ACD Tech Support and find out if there are any known issues with any specific Norton products. Here's their link:


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        Thank you all. As far as i know i have the whole Acdsee programs folder excluded from my Norton Internet Security. I have been in touch with support and they told me there is no known issue and they couldn't replicate it.


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          Well I have Uninstalled Norton and reinstalled a number of times and it is still doing it. I have attached a screen print of the box. Anybody help please?


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            Go to Task Scheduler if it is under Norton ACD and disable.


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              Thank you Edvard. Could you please be a bit more specific as I don't understand.