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  • Modify objects in Edit mode

    I see in the thread below that text, once created, cannot be modified. Is the same true for other objects in Edit mode? For example, I create a new layer, choose the Arrow tool and draw an arrow. After that, I don't see any way to select that arrow and change the color or dimensions. The only change I can make is to move/rotate the arrow using the Move tool (and if I've drawn other shapes on the same layer with the arrow, all those shapes must be moved/rotated together).

    It sounds like the workaround is to create each object in a different layer that can be deleted and recreated if a change needs to be made.

    This seems like a large gap in functionality. Am I missing something?

    Thanks for any tips.
    Hi, I didn't find the possibility to modify a text. Here is the case: I created a New Year Card with one of my pictures with the traditional "Happy New
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    Originally posted by NoCoKestrel View Post
    Am I missing something?
    No, you're not and I agree to your valuation.
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      I never thought about it before since I rarely use text or objects, but that's a great point. Hopefully this is updated in the next release of PSU.