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    Hello NoCoKestrel,

    Glad to know that Emil's suggestion worked for you; and I have just sent you an email asking you to export that registry folder to help us diagnose the problem.

    1) I do not recall that other cases where registry will affect the performance of moving the files. The development will need to examine your exported setting to learn more

    2) The embedding is the process to write the ACDSee metadata (categories, ACDSee keywords, etc..) directly to the the file.

    For more information, please have a look at the help file and here is the direct link to that section

    3) You can also find topic of database maintenance feature in the help file at

    Hope this helps.

    Customer Care team

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      Originally posted by NoCoKestrel View Post
      How often have you run into this type of problem with this software?
      I've never seen this one before. I just described a few of my standard procedures to reanimate broken AC installations.

      Could you elaborate on embedding the metadata? And are there any downsides to doing so (e.g. with regard to using the images for other applications in the future)?
      In AC's world the word "Embedding" is used for copying proprietary AC meta data into image files or xmp side car files. The embedded meta data can be read by other software too, but very few know how to deal with it (e.g. exiftool). It's imported into AC's DB when you catalogue your files. Just browsing the files will not do this job! Imho Embedding is one of the best option for safeguarding the AC's proprietary meta data. Of course a set of backups hidden under grandmas linen are way better!

      A downside may be that with embedding the image file itself will be changed (JPG, TIFF, ..., not RAW). So, when handling for e.g large TIFF's it might blow up your backup routine. On the other hand changing IPTC meta data will change your image files too. IPTC meta data gets written on the fly and does not need embedding. It is compatible to lots of other SW.

      Could you provide any more guidance on database maintenance - when it needs to be done, which options to choose?
      We never use it. All files are stored on net resources and all local drives are excluded from the db. Of course the hardware for the server is upgraded from time to time. But that's no problem for AC at all.

      But I suggest to run the "Database Optimization" occasionally (e.g. once a week).

      Originally posted by James W- View Post
      I have just sent you an email asking you to exported that registry folder to help us diagnose the problem.>
      Good idea. Removing the whole AC user registry is a sledgehammer. I'd love to know what's wrong with it too, to provide a scalpel if needed. (I know you'll never tell me.)


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        Thanks for the follow-up and tips, Emil. I'm encouraged to hear the problem I ran into is not typical. I'll stick with the software for now. and continue to learn. James also forwarded a link to a 2014 blog post re embedding metadata: