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Serious BUG --> Develop Tools Recurring Crash, Ultimate 2018 unusable!

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  • Serious BUG --> Develop Tools Recurring Crash, Ultimate 2018 unusable!

    The sliders Develop Tools - General keep crashing during edit sessions. See the attached image
    I had this same issue when I upgraded to Ultimate 10, but resetting Tools-Options-Restore to Defaults one time fixed that permanently.
    I "upgraded" to Ultimate 2018 a few days ago, and now this bug reoccurs seemingly at random. I can fix it by going into Tools-Options-Restore to Defaults. However I sometimes need to do it 2 or 3 times to fix the problem. Then while editing photos it can pop back into this error state seemingly at random whenever I enter Develop mode.
    This constant recurring crash is seriously interrupting my workflow,
    The change from Ultimate 10 to Ultimate 2018 seems like a serious downgrade, not an upgrade.
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    Do you have any idea on how to fix this issue???


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      Have you reported it to ACDSee support?


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        Hi divewizard,

        Sorry for the trouble this has caused. If you have not updated your program to the latest version, please have it updated. Please click Help | Check for updates in ACDSee to check and install the new update

        I also received your support ticket and replied. In the reply, I asked some question from the QA and development team to better understand the issue. In addition, I also provided the instructions to send us the crash reports in case this was indeed a crash.

        Thanks - James
        Customer Care


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          As I recall this has been reported by a number of users since Pro/Ulti v9.
          Imho instead of fixing it, they added a new menu item which is "View - Reset Layout".
          It deletes a number of layout settings in the registry and restarts AC. At restart AC will install default values again.

          Hope it helps.

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