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Syncing a "Collection" to online service - Smugmug, Google, etc... ??

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  • Syncing a "Collection" to online service - Smugmug, Google, etc... ??

    Trialing ACDSee, and can't figure out several things - most needed of which is a way to have a "Collection" within ACDSee, send it to Smugmug (or another service, perhaps), and have ACDSee update the images on Smugmug to match any added or deleted images in the local "Collection".

    I see how to manually upload to Smugmug, but no way to sync a gallery / collection.

    Also, when initially creating the "Collection", is there no way to specify a new collection, and name it, as you are picking images to go in it?
    Currently it seems you have to create the collection first, then go back and pick images and "Add to collection xxx". Seems like there should be a "New..." choice in that right-click dialog?

    Seems like an extra step, but I'm sure I'm missing something.