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  • ACDSee Version Confusion

    I have been an ACDsee user through many, many (too many!) version upgrades. I am currently using ACDsee Ultimate 2018. I have been bombarded lately with emails offering special upgrade discounts. One email I received today offered an upgrade to "ACDsee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018" and also in the same email an option to upgrade to "ACDsee Ultimate 2018," both for the special upgrade price of $59.95. I am so confused! Which of these offerings would be the logical choice for me to upgrade my Ultimate 10 program? Are these the same program? If not, what are the differences? Sorry, but I just don't have time to sort this all out. The bigger question is whether or not I need to upgrade to either of these since I am basically satisfied with the features in my current Ultimate 2018. Thanks for taking time to help!

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    "ACDsee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018" and "ACDsee Ultimate 2018" are the same thing. The naming just is marketing nonsense to puzzle both, the users and employees of ACDSystems too :-) You will find both strings on the web site too. After installation you will find that the developers called it "ACDSee Ultimate 11".

    This link lists latest builds of all programs:
    This one lists all builds of "ACDsee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018":

    Hope it helps.


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      Emil -- Your note cleared everything up. Thanks!