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  • ACDSee 2019 Wish List

    With next release of ACDSee likely coming in the next month or two, what's on your wish list for development team?

    Here are my top five:

    Smart Erase
    -Needs feathering and pressure options like heal/clone
    -Needs to be brought to Develop Module
    -Needs to be added to 'Repair Tools' in Edit Module so it can be used with heal/clone
    -Results are still crude compared to other products, however having more options for feathering/pressure should allow for better results (along with continued refinement of the algorithm)

    -Needs the ability to set a point and continue to copy from that location
    -Needs the ability to rotate the pixels being copied

    Develop Brush
    -Needs the ability to use pixel targeting to create masks

    Post-Crop Vignette
    -Needs the ability to move around the vignette in develop module

    Color Management/Soft Proofing
    -I find it cumbersome having to go into Options > Color Management > Soft Proofing to change the emulated device profile and rendering intent. Particularly if trying to decide between papers, there's no quick way to flip back and forth between profiles. I think it would be great to have a printing/soft proofing tab in the develop module to set these parameters; likewise in edit module I would like to see an adjustment layer that could be added for soft proofing.

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    I created two top 5's...
    The "Realistic" list would seem to be low hanging fruit becuase they are tweaks to existing routines.
    The "It's too difficult" list would convince me that I never need to worry about having to find a different tool, but would need likely face ACDSee internal business/technical headwinds.

    Realistic top 5
    * Mathematical funtions within grouped layers
    * Focus and mage stacking input
    * Better vision of the gradient lines. 50% of the time I can't see the little handles/lines/grab points because they are so thin an light (possibly UHD related)
    * The dashboard is --potentially-- really nice. I would like to see the charts and sorts a bit better thought out, possibly including user choices.
    * Manage mode: Ability to have "Close all groups" as the default condition instead today's operation that always switches to "open all groups" even within the same session. Auugh.

    "It is too difficult" 5
    * Update (redo) the database schema and engine for performance, consistency and reliability
    * Single interface mode. Although it helps with segmenting markets, I could never figure why I as a user want separate Develop/Edit modes.
    * Lens correction that doesn't require acrobatics to get updates.
    * Stop relying on the Windows registry as the programs operational database. (Goal: reduce hardware configuration related issues)
    * Give us a good reason why it is important to have intouch or commander


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      I would like:
      • The ability to properly work with a Bamboo tablet (read pressures etc)
      • Free transform
      • Better use of the GPU to stop laggy movements in some operations
      • Merge of multiple images for things like HDR, focus stacking etc
      • Further improvements to the magic wand selection tool so that it can select as well as PS (sorry!)


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        Improvement to "highlight recovery" feature for RAW images in develop mode

        Lens distortion correction feature. Make it possible to also use the lens correction infomation that is already available & stored by the camera directly into the RAW image. This is available for several m43 cameras, possibly others types too. This is needed especially for those lenses that are, for whatever reasons, not included in the lensfun database.

        Improve the general speed of ACDSee operations in develop & edit mode, by better use of an available high quality graphics card. It's sometimes laggy despite my highend 1080 card.

        Add dodge & burn feature also to develop mode

        In develop mode show preview of the clone brush content so you can see what will be cloned before committing. This feature is currently only in edit mode.

        Add pixel targetting to develop mode.

        Selection possibilties could be further refined

        Thanks !

        P.s. please add LIGHT-EQ and COLOR-EQ to the selection brush in tune part of develop mode
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          I'd like to see proper Boolean searching.

          Image stacking/versions in Manage Mode. I've been asking for that for years...


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            Needed new features in my side:
            _ Images stacking in manage mode
            _ Zooming in second monitor
            _ Focus stacking
            _ Panorama from multiple images
            _ In Develop mode, having tune and detail items actives in one brush selection ( like LR) or at least the possibility to copy a brush selection to use the same area in Tune and Detail sections.
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              Has anyone seen a preview etc. yet?


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                Originally posted by Bugjoe View Post
                Needed new features in my side:
                _ Images stacking in manage mode
                _ Zooming in second monitor
                _ Focus stacking
                _ Panorama from multiple images
                _ In Develop mode, having tune and detail items actives in one brush selection ( like LR) or at least the possibility to copy a brush selection to use the same area in Tune and Detail sections.
                Zooming in a second monitor is already possible if you use the magnifying glass placed on the 2nd moitor. You can make the window as large as you like and zoom as much as you want.

                I have the feeling that software for panorama stitching would be very difficult if it is done well with all the needed feature. so it would take a lot of the development resourses, that could be used for improving other features. There are already lots of other specialised stitching progs . Some are good and free like ICE.

                I really like the idea of being able to use the same selection mask for different operations like tune and detail in develope mode.
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                  Thank you Trevor, you are right, ICE is a good solution for panorama and the magnifying glass can be an alternative.
                  I was working with Lightroom and the recent policy for unique solution with CC push me to an alternative. With LR, this is possible to make a panorama, to stack images, to zoom on the second monitor and to use the selection mask for a lot of operations. Only the focus stacking is not possible with LR and I do it with Affinity.
                  My goal is to only work with ACDSEE, and I am confident that the team will improve Photo Studio Ultimate and reach a higher level than LR. For sure I am not a “coding man” and I cannot measure the workload for panorama and other features, so you are certainly right, but I hope, I hope


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                    PS Elements 11 had a very good Panorama option, so really can`t be that difficult surely.