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ACDsee pro 6 - not as a default program

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  • ACDsee pro 6 - not as a default program

    I have ACDsee pro 6 and I want to use it to create catalogs of my giant clip art that i have on my computer . I do not want it to be the defult software of pictures because I want to see the pictures on the computer in a different way but to use cataloging with ACDsee pro 6.
    My question is whether it is possible ? or if I installed the software then it will be the only pictures on the computer? Also, if I have pictures that I created them Catalogue with ACDsee pro 6 - exactly where the catalog itself on the computer?


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    Sure, just use the standard Windows facilities to tell the OS what program you'd like to be the default instead. The specifics may depend on what version of Windows you have. Usually you can get there via Control Panel.

    As for the location of the "catalog" - which contains no pictures; it is just a database of information *about* the pictures - go to Tools / Options / Database to find the location.