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HELP! New Computer / Change Binding??

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  • HELP! New Computer / Change Binding??

    Help! Changed to a new Computer. 04-11-2016, 12:30 PM

    ​ I recently purchased a new computer. I installed ACDSee15 onto the new computer and transferred all my backed up digital files to the new computer.

    When I go into ACDsee all my files as well as the tagging are there. However, when I click on a file to open it I get an error message stating that "cannot find file, it may have been moved or deleted outside of ACDsee resulting in orphaned database information".

    As per information I found in this forum I went to Tools | Database | Database Maintenanceand waited while ACDsee was collecting and summarizing DB information. When it finished the 'Change Binding' button was greyed out, only the Remove Thumbnails, Remove all DB info, and Remove Orphan Folders options were available. I navigated to the new location of all my files but the 'change binding' button remained grey. It is my understanding that I need to change the binding, is this correct and if so, what do I need to do.

    Please help.

    Thanks so much.


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    I think this is a case of how you did your back up and restore. Did you use the ACDSee backup utility or a third party BkUp utility? I too just bought a new computer and I moved my Ultimate 9 database to the new computer without problem.

    What I did though was use the ACDSee Backup utility and backed up both the database AND The photos. (If you don't back up the photos as well, they don't get moved and all you'll get is the metadata and the thumbnails stored in the database, not the photos themselves. You need to specifically TELL the BU utility to get the photos the default is database only.) You might be able to just go to the old pc and copy the photos from the old PC to the new one, so long as you keep them in the same folder structure. I think it's easier to do a full backup and restore, but everyone is different on that. My way is much slower, but requires less 'fiddling', I think.

    Then I moved the back up file to the new computer and restored the backup from within the new computer's version of ACDSee Ultimate 9. I told the restore function to create the folder structure as described in the backup file.Then when the restore was completed, I changed the folder file structure from with in ACDSee to improve what I had been doing in the past.

    This worked great for me. If this is what you did, and it didn't work for you, then I suspect one of two things,
    1. the backup file got corrupted somehow and you will need to get a new back up from the old PC.
    2. While it seems unlikely, there MIGHT be some incompatibility between ACDSee 15 and your new OS, and you might ned to contact Tech support. use this link
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Note above: On the backup screen, screen print to illustrate I should have selected "All files of specified types in a folder (including subfolders):" The reason is that all the photos I care about is in the "Pictures" folder folder structure, any photo outside of that folder structure is not something I particularly cared about!
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