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Ultimate 10 and External Drives

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  • Ultimate 10 and External Drives

    I've used ACDSee for my catologing or indexing my photos for years. I've just updated to Ultimate 10 with it's layers and masks to wean myself off Photoshop. My only concern with ACDSee is that I'm starting to have to use external drives such as WD My Passports to expand my collection and maintain my cataloguing. I'm just not sure yet if ACDSee can effectively maintain my cataloguing when I'm using these external drives. I'd hate to get too far down that road of cataloging files on external drives to find out all of that information I put in is lost. Up until now I've always used internal hard drives but these are now full.

    Will switching external hard disks in and out affect the indexing?

    Will ACDSee automatically recognize portable external hard drives when they're reconnected, save and retreive their indexing info? If not what are my options?