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ACDsee 20 help please!!

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  • ACDsee 20 help please!!

    My trial has expired and I never got my answer from customer support. I am trying to decide between ACDsee 20 and Lightroom. I have ACDsee 12 and that is what I have always used and had all my digital scrapbooking kits tagged in it. I had my hard drive crash and while I can still see my tags I cannot go to anymore. I do not want to re-tag my items only to maybe lose it again and was wondering if 20 had the capability of making that easier. I love ACDsee but the database part just get so complicated if you get a new computer or upgrade to a new hard drive. Thanks for any help with this. Mendy

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    Actually, the ACDSee database is quite simple. As a rule, one would just tell the database in ACDSee 20 to import the database from from ACDSee12. See screen print below.

    But your hard drive crash might complicate things. And it wouldn't be any easier with Lightroom. I don't understand what you mean by, "and while I can still see my tags I cannot go to anymore". Does that mean you can launch ACDSee 12 and can see your database and tags, but can't pull up the actual graphics? Or does it mean you can pull up the graphics and see the keywords (tags) embedded in the photos with some OTHER photo viewer/manager? OR, does it mean both?

    Have you EVER done a database back up? If you have then a restore database would restore everything as it was at the time of a backup. If you haven't, and if you can launch ACDSee 12 ( I don't have a copy of ACDSee 12, so these instructions are based on my copy of ACDSee Ultimate10, but ACDSee doesn't like to change this sort of thing unless it is absolutely necessary), Then you need to do an optimise database

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      Had an entire post typed and computer froze up. Gotta love it!! So I will try again. I do have my database from my 12 converted to my 20. I see all my thumbnails as I did in 12 but in 12 and 20 if I try to go to the file it says it is on an unmounted drive which to acdsee is true because the drive deleted all my files. Even though I put the same files in the same order back on the drive it did not help because acdsee had the rug pulled out from under it. I love so many things about the program and hate having to import my files in Lightroom but I was hoping that they had maybe improved the metadata or the how acdsee handles the files so it wasn't so complex. If I delete a file or move it in Lightroom then all I have to do is replace it back into Lightroom and it recognizes it or I could even search for it. Not that way in acdsee 12, was hoping maybe it was improved in 20. Hey I would even upgrade to the ultimate or pro if it would. If it is the same as it has always been than I don't know that I want to stay with the program. Thanks for your help. Mendy