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  • renaming fails

    Renaming does not seem to work properly.

    This specification in search-and-replace should maintain portions of the original name after the replacement of a portion – but it does not.

    E.g. Hawaii_001=Hawaii_002-something.jpg

    Using a search field of:
    Should be renamed to
    But instead is changed to:

    (Example somewhat simplified from the actual, shown below).

    What I really want to do is search for and remove: =Hawaii_###
    But the meta-character # cannot be used in a match;

    Does not match any numbered files…
    It seems that # is only used in templates, and then only to insert numbering, not to match.
    (see attachment).

    The goal is to take a group of files numbers

    Where they have now been reordered, and keep the information labels, but update the numbering.

    I was able to add the new numbering at the front, but now how to get rid of the old numbers?
    Basically I want to do a search-replace of ”=Hawaii_###” to “”. (remove the old numbering).

    I finally just used a shell script to rename them all, deleted all the originals, and imported hte new ones - but that's pretty messy for something that seems like it should work!

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    Another failure of renaming;

    I have a folder of names like: Hawaii_123-something.jpg,
    as above, to get them renumbered, I tried a renaming with template of: Hawaii_###=*
    which gives:
    Hawaii_001.jpg Hawaii_001=001.jpg
    instead of the correct:
    Hawaii_001.jpg Hawaii_001=Hawaii_001.jpg


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      What does your Template tab look like? It says the Search & Replace will be applied after the Template. That could be messing you up.