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  • Drag and drop issue

    Drag and drop question: In manager mode, can somebody tell me what makes it that I can sometimes drag and drop photos between folders and sometimes I just can't. The + sign cursor is replace by a "forbidden" sign. It appears to be a random thing but I don't believe it is. There's got to be a reason for that. I just don't know what it is.

    A long time ACDSee user

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    Drag'drop operations for user defined sorting in manage mode only are permitted if a single folder, category or selection is displayed, but not if two or more folders, categories or a selection set are displayed. It also isn't permitted in calender view or search results even if all file are located in the same folder.

    Background is the database, which can not hold the sorting for every combination of files. The sorting is not stored on the physical drive that contains the files, but the database can hold the sorting for a category or selection with files from different physical drives. Imho the user defined sorting is made for temporary usage before renaming the files with a sequence number.