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  • Auto rename for 'save a copy,

    Is there an option to use an automatic filename for 'save a copy'? I'm used to Picassa where when you hit 'save a copy' it simply saves it using the original file name plus a mumeric suffix. Pic12345 would get saved as pic12345-1 and a second copy would get saved as pic12345-2. As it is with ACDSee I have to take my hands off of the mouse to change the filename to save the copy, which really slows down my workflow - adjust, save a copy, discard. I couldn't see an option for this, but I might have been looking in the wrong place...

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    You can do that with the Export function but not the save or save as function. Basically, you create an export template that adds a sequence number to the end of the filename and save the template, then later, when you are ready to do an export, you click on export, select the auto rename template, and click the export button.