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    I am having trouble to REFINE a search within ACDSEE.

    Namely The Limits I am hitting are the search pane is not intuitive and there are too many step to search for an Item and then refine the search by keyword/categories/ratings etc

    It also seems counter intuitive to search for example, a “job” or a “job number” in the Search Pane or Quick search and not be able to refine the results by the Catalog Pane.

    Am I missing something?


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    I think what a lot of people do is use the "Filelist Toolbar" after a search. That is the little sub-menu in the manage tab that contains Filter, Group, Sort, View, & Select.

    Once your basic search has completed, the found candidates are displayed in the view window, you can then use the Toolbar options to quickly drill down to find what you are looking for. One thing that many people forget is that the sub menus that drop down from the Filter, Group, Sort, and View can be modified so that they can reflect your specific 'drill down' needs.


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      Hello teso,

      You can also use the selective browsing to refine the search. The feature can be found under View menu in the Manage mode.

      In the category pane, if you click the "Gear" icon on the top right corner, you can choose "Match all" or "Match only"l. Combined with the easy select feature, you can search images based on multiple categories. The easy select arrows are placed to the left of the catalog items.

      Hope this helps.

      James - ACD Customer Care


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        Thanks for the response Guys,

        Glen with Filelist toolbar 'Group' and 'Sort' help drill down on a search. However, the 'Filter' does not work on refining the found Search Results unless I am missing something. I wish to use the 'Filter' drop-down to be able to choose Categories. Ideally then be able to further drill down by keywords.