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I want to see all pictures in one view. Possible?

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  • I want to see all pictures in one view. Possible?

    I need to fish through 3000 photos to look for pictures of my dad. All my pictures are in folders by month. I would rather not have to open each folder. Can I see all my photos in one view, sorted by date created. Thanks!

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    If you want to see all catalogued photos simply select "Image well" in "Special objects" section of the "Catalog" pane. Then create a new category "dad" and drag and drag this category onto all photos showing your dad. At last select this category.


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      If all you need to do is visually browse the photos, the "Photos" tab will work. It visually displays every photo in the database sorted by "Date Time Original", which is USUALLY the same as creation date (except for those photos created via a COPY or SAVE AS action, they get the date of the copy or save). You can then use the ACDSee Tag function to mark the photos with your dad in them and then create a collection of his photos.

      You can read about it here


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        May be... You can select folders... selecting arrows (on the left) with click (on the first arrow) and shift (on the last arrow)...

        Alaric (French)


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          In the "mode" menu area
          ​Manage - Photos - View - Develop - Edit

          ​I think the "Photos" mode may be helpful.


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            To display all images in manage mode, open the search pane and enter an asterisk into the top box "search for files or folders named:". Make sure that entire database is selected in "search in". Start the search. This will display all images from all folders. The count will appear at the top of the manage mode screen and this number should match the total at the bottom of the photos mode screen.